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Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday 16th June 2020 the committee met and the main topic to discuss was the future of the Branch. The Covid 19 Pandemic has stopped us dead in our tracks and we have to make decisions regarding our future, but more importantly the safety and wellbeing of our membership. Currently, there are no plans to resume the monthly social meetings and it looks unlikely there will be any before the scheduled AGM in November. Below, I have reproduced the two principle and other conditions we have received from our HQ in London regarding meetings:

• Attendance at a meeting is non-compulsory and at your own personal risk.
• The RBL will not accept any liability for any illness or injuries caused by attending an event / meeting.

The following conditions have been imposed:

• Branch to issue notice (above) to all invited attendees prior to the meeting
• Numbers stated for the meeting / event are not to be exceeded (10 max)
• All attendees are to comply local governments regulations/ laws and restrictions at all times
• Branch is responsible for checking current laws.

Restrictions, regulations prior to the meeting and inform the MSO Overseas of changes that may affect permissions given. Some of the conditions stated above will have changed as the easing of restrictions come into effect and the rules become more fluid, especially between the UK and us here in Brittany.

We would like to ask you two questions. It is important that you respond, otherwise we will not be in a position to make important decisions:

1. Would you attend the Monthly social meetings, should they resume?

2. Would you volunteer to fill any of the committee posts that will be available and need to be filled in November. The posts that need to be filled are:

a. Chairman/Woman
b. Vice Chairman/Woman
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
e. Events Secretary
f. Book co-ordinator
g. Welfare Secretary
h. Welfare Caseworker

Clearly without volunteers to stand on the committee we cannot continue and the Branch will close after the AGM. Please send your responses directly to me Basha: and I will consolidate and send to Rodney and the Committee.

If you would like to respond directly to Rodney you may do so at:


Rodney Curtis

David Bashford



Good Morning everyone,

I hope this finds you all well and coping with the ‘Lockdown’

Rodney has asked me to send you this information regarding Bogus Police Officers operating within Brittany. 

It never fails to amaze me the depths some people will go to 'con' you out of your money, even in these difficult times.

In simple terms: Don’t pay a fine upfront in cash. If you have got it wrong with your paperwork you will receive your fine through the post, similar to speeding fines, if you’ve ever received one! ( I am a very good boy and have never exceeded the speed limit in the 16 years we have been here!!)….afternote from Pamela: ; Yea right!!

The latest ‘Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire' has the ’Time’ as well as date of journey, if you haven’t got it please let me know and I will wing one off to you at warp-speed.

From Rodney:

If stopped and asked for ID, ask to see the agents ID and never pay the 'fine' on the spot. 

You are entitled to 'un PV en bon et due forme' And if you meet these fraudsters, please report them to the gendarmerie.
❌ The Ministère de l'Intérieur 🇫🇷 is warning against false police checks.
If you are stopped and don't have a travel waiver:
NEVER pay the 135€ fine on the spot
The Gendarmerie/Police always write up a report (on paper/electronic)
The fine is sent by post.

Pamela and I have spent some time in the garden, a little sunbathing between jobs!

On a more serious note, now is the time we really need to make sure that our friends are OK. Whilst we can’t get together socially, we can still make sure things are fine with our friends, a brief phone call goes a long way.

Maybe set up a ‘Buddie - Buddie’  system with a regular call. I call them ‘Perch’ calls…"Just phoning to say we’re still on our perches, how are you?”

Did you know that Pharmacies are honouring out of date prescriptions?

Wear gloves when you go out to the rubbish bin, the refuse collectors may have handled 200 bins that day!

Wear gloves when you fill up with fuel, who handled the nozzle and used the keypad before you?

Same again for shopping trolleys…..gloves.

When you wash your hands….do you REALLY wash them?

All of the above may seem to be patronising, but we want you to be really safe and stay healthy.

If any of you have other tips on ways to improve our safety please email me.

That’s all from me folks.


David Bashford

Newsletter Editor



After consultation with the local Marie, the decision has been taken to postpone this years Spring Troc to a date later in the year.

Please pass this information on to your circle of friends.

Our apologies for this decision but the well-being of our membership and supporting community is paramount.

Kind Regards


Rodney Curtis




Following the confirmation of 19 positive cases of the Coronavirus in Morbihan announced today we have reluctantly decided to cancel tomorrows social - 3rd March.

We know this will come as a disappointment to some of you but your wellbeing is of the utmost concern to us. 

The ongoing recommendations of self isolation and increased personal hygiene measures are also being recommended and the Prefectures will review further measures on 15th March.

For your further information The Prefecture de Morbihan has closed the Ciné Roch, Guémené sur Scorff until at least the 15th March.

We will inform you of any further advice when we receive it.

Stay safe out there.

Kind Regards 

Rodney Curtis



NEWSLETTER - March 2020

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, this weather pattern has been a little testing I would say. I went out yesterday in bright sunshine and blue skies only to be battered 20 minutes later by bitter winds and a pummelling  by sharp hail. Hopefully a calm spring and balmy summer is just around the corner!

The Coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines and we must still be vigilant with regards to meetings and personal contact. The recommendation now is to stop the traditional handshake, kiss and hug we all enjoy, so please be mindful of that on Tuesday.

The Troc is due to be held on the 5th April and we will monitor the health guidelines with regards to meetings etc. We will still plan for the Troc to go ahead and to that end we need the normal gang of volunteers to help in the kitchen and with the set-up and clean-up. Please contact Dave and Sandra Belsten for kitchen help and Kevin Ball for other help.

Monthly Social - 3rd March 2020 - Au Relais de l’Oust 1200hrs for 1230hrs Start

Entertainment this month will be a quiz, there will also be the normal raffle and book stall and Kate will have her Poppy Appeal merchandise for sale.

Kind Regards 


Rodney Curtis




Good Afternoon Everyone,

We have discussed the ongoing problems of potentially life threatening viruses in France and have decided to cancel the social meeting planned for this coming Tuesday 4th February 2020.

We are most concerned about the ongoing and worsening Coronavirus that is now confirmed in France. There is also a highly contagious Gastric virus more local to us.

We would not like to be responsible for spreading either of these potentially fatal viruses.

Thank you for your support in this urgent matter.

Please relay this message to any members that may not have picked up this email.

Kindest Regards


Rodney Curtis



We can reveal that the Central Brittany Branch raised an incredible €20,004.17 + £917.70 in 2019 for the Poppy Appeal Fund. We were just short of the €20k mark before the last social meeting but did have offers from two lovely people to make up the difference. After the social we found though that we had happily managed to successfully achieve our target thanks to the generosity of the attendees! We would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone and a very happy and healthy New Year to all.

Best wishes and many thanks.

Kate and Rodney Curtis.


NEWSLETTER - January 2020

Good Evening Everyone,

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year, indeed, welcome to a New Decade!

Just a reminder that we WILL be having a social meeting in January: Tuesday 7th January 2020 at 1200hrs.

Whilst we welcome in a New Year and Decade, please spare a thought and prayer for the people and animals in Australia, suffering the devastation of terrible bush fires raging out of control.


From Kate; The 2019 Poppy Appeal now stands at an incredible €19,716.67, a huge thank you for your continued support throughout the year, BUT wouldn’t it be great to reach the magic €20,000 figure, SO if you still have poppy boxes to hand in please could you help by handing them in as soon as possible. I will be raiding my piggy bank too!

Social Tuesday 7th January 2020 1200 for 1230hrs - Au Relais de l’Oust

We will have the Poppy Appeal table, Welfare, Books a quiz and Raffle.

Chinese New Year - The year of the Dog

Basha has booked 30 places for 1200hrs on the 23rd January 2020 at The Lanterne Rouge, Pontivy. Please email Basha if you would like to attend. 

I will see some of you on Tuesday.

Kindest Regards


Rodney Curtis


(Newsletter compiled by: David Bashford). 


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