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NEWSLETTER - June 2019

Good Afternoon my friends,

Another month has gone by and we are nearly half way through the year. It seems to me that the months are getting shorter! I know a month now is the same as a month when I was a nipper, but they just seem shorter these days. Anyone who can explain that to me gets a free cup o’ tea, on me!

Ken Hartley had a fall in his garden and has broken his Femur, close to the hip joint so will be laid up for quite a while. Babs may need some support from anyone living locally please give her a bell. Get well soon Ken.

Our Treasurer also had a fall from a ladder in the garden and nurse Rhonda is tending both her own injury and Peter's

A timely reminder that we can’t do what we did when we were younger, my attempted ‘para roll’ which ended up more like a ‘para splat’  keeps me constantly focussed on what I’m doing, now where was I….oh yes, be careful out there!

Vanessa has had a ‘coming together’ with a car overtaking on a blind bend, she is a little bruised up but the car now has no front. Get well soon Van.

Well, on a personal front we’ve had quite a week, both cars have broken down and need recovery to a garage and Pamela fainted in the Thai Restaurant on Friday and luckily we were with ex paramedic Alma, who was magnificent, thanks Alma. Pamela is now fine, but it was scary stuff at the time, Alma was as cool as a cucumber and Steve did a magnificent job as legs supporter.

On the ceremonial front, Mike Jones represented the Branch at the Point Saint Matthieu ceremony yesterday and Rodney and Kate are departing for Normandy tomorrow with a very full programme of ceremonies over the next week. Thank you all for keeping the ‘flag' flying for the Branch, well ‘Standard' actually!.

Bugler needed for 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Plougoumelen 56400 on 5th August 2019. If you know of someone who can play the bugle please contact either our President, Gordon Rayfield or myself, thank you.

IN 5 MONTHS TIME THE BRANCH WILL CLOSE DOWN, unless we can find a Chairman and Vice Chairman. If anyone would like to talk to me in private regarding the Chairmans role please let me know.

We have a Treasurer and a Secretary.

July, August, September, October, November - AGM

. . . . . . .  .  .  .  .  .   .   .   .   .   .    .    .    .    .    .     .     .     .      .       .        .        .         .               😔

Monthly Social - Tuesday 4th June 2019 1200hrs Au Relais de l'Oust

This month we will have either a musical quiz or a general knowledge quiz, Books and Welfare table.

That’s all from me folks.

My kindest regards to you all.


David Bashford




Good Evening my friends,

April was quite a month, the social turnout was good and we were able to welcome new member Bev Sedgemore and a guest, Pastor Robin Adams.

The Easter Draw was very popular and everyone was envious of the winner of the superb 'Auvergne' hamper donated by Kevin, after a little arm twisting we managed to raise €230, thank you all for your support and to Kevin for putting a superb hamper together.

The Annual Troc raised a staggering €1322 profit so a huge thank you to Kevin for putting it all together. Carol and Dave once again ran a superb kitchen. Many members turned up at an unbelievably early hour to help set up and stayed on to pack away and clean up, many of you helped throughout the day, without you all we couldn’t function, thank you all.

Dave and Sandra Belsten have taken over the book table and are doing a fine job BUT there is no more space to store books, so please don’t bring any in to the social at present, thank you.

Rodney and Kate will be attending ceremonies in Pontivy on Saturday, if you would like more information please contact Rodney.

Monthly Social - Tuesday 7th May 1200hrs - Au Relais de l'Oest

This month there will be a quiz, plus the usual book, welfare and poppy tables - your last chance to get that poppy pin before the D-Day commemorations.

My kindest regards to you all.


David Bashford



NEWSLETTER - April 2019

Good Evening my friends,

Well, it’s that time of the month…Newsletter time.

Clocks ‘sprung' forward this morning so I guess it’s officially springtime, I hope you have been enjoying this fantastic weather. 

We have spent some time in the garden, a little trimming here and there followed by a cafe creme, a little trimming….you know the cycle!!

Rodney, Kate and Van attended the Operation ‘Chariot’ commemoration at Saint Nazaire on Wednesday and I would like to thank them for proudly representing the Branch and particularly Rodney who laid the wreath on my behalf as I was not feeling 100%

Diary of events for April 2019:

Tuesday 2nd April - 1200hrs - Monthly Social - Au Relais de l’Oust, Josselin

This month we will have a 'Special Easter Draw’, dominated by the fantastic ‘Auvergne' food and drink hamper that Kevin has put together, we also have a ’three pack’ of quality wine and to complete the Easter theme, some chocolate Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny!

We will have a game of BINGO and there will be the usual book and welfare tables. Kate will be there with the Poppy Appeal table and I know she has put together some scrummy looking cream egg nests, which will be on sale on behalf of the Poppy Appeal.

Sunday 7th April 2019 1000-1700hrs Troc & Puces PLUMELIAU Salle Drosera

This is the most important Branch Fundraiser of the year.

SET-UP HELP NEEDED. We can not get into the hall before 0800hrs on the Sunday morning so please be there at 0800hrs ready to set the hall up. The more people that help the easier it will be and don’t forget my offer of a cuppa! Kevin will be coordinating the labour effort so please seek him out when you arrive.

Carol and Dave Allen will be setting up the kitchen so again seek them out if you are on the catering team.

APPEAL for cakes/cake. Please donate a cake or cakes. Either bring them on the day or if you would like to bring them to the social on Tuesday we will ensure they get to the Troc on Sunday.

CLEARING HELP NEEDED. We will also need help clearing and cleaning after the event so if you are able please give a hand.

That’s all from me folks!

My kindest regards to you all. 




NEWSLETTER - March 2019

Good Afternoon my friends,

I trust you are all well and survived the best that Hurricane Freya could throw at us. The previous week was glorious and I am now sporting a modest tan, not bad for February!

If you have received Ballot papers for the new National Chairman, Vice Chairman and Trustees and wish to vote I have to countersign them so please bring along to the social or post to me. 

I have listed below a few of the upcoming events, but of course the Troc and Puces is the most important of the Branch fund raising activities, it also allows us to further enhance our contributions to the Annual Poppy Appeal. Again, we can’t do it without your help, so I would urge you to help by either helping set up on either the Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, we will have a better idea of when we can access the venue nearer the time and we will advise you. All volunteers will receive a free ‘cuppa’ with the Chairman, not to be sniffed at!!

We will also need assistance on the day, so please let either Kevin or myself know. The final clear up will be quicker, the more members that are able to help. 

The Poppy Appeal this year has raised €13,300 plus well over £1300, I’m sure you will all agree this is yet another fantastic achievement so many congratulations to Kate, Rodney and team PA.

Since 2007 Kate and Rodney have raised in excess of €131,067.

Thats One Hundred and Thirty One Thousand, and Sixty Seven Euros.


Monthly Social - 1200hrs Tuesday 5th March 2019 - Au Relais de l’Oust

This month we will have a general knowledge quiz, raffle and the normal welfare and book stall.

Commemoration - Operation ‘Chariot’ - Saint Nazaire 28th March 2019

The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Poppy Appeal Organiser, Welfare Secretary and Branch Standard will be present for this important Commemoration.

Monthly Social - 1200hrs Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - Au Relais de l’Oust

We will have a game of BINGO, plus the normal raffle, welfare and book stall.

Troc & Puces - 1000 - 1700hrs Sunday 7th April 2019 - Salle Drosera, Plumeliau

See above. Our Honorary Secretary, Kevin Ball is the point of contact for this event.

David Bashford



POPPY APPEAL: Abject apologies to you all, and a very belated Happy New Year, but we were delayed with finalising the Poppy Business after a death in the family, which entailed a long visit to UK.

Now, I can thank you all, and say with your help, we raised 13,300 euros this year for the Poppy Appeal and have already sent £1,265.46 to HQ.

Also, in case you are interested and live not too away, the local Branch of the Royal British Legion are holding a Troc et Puces in Plumeliau near Pontivy on April the 7th. Please do come if you would like to - you would be very welcome!

Thank you all so very much for all your help and please do keep in touch!!

Kate and Rodney


NEWSLETTER - January 2019

Good evening my friends,

A very belated Happy New Year to you all. 

I hope you all had a special Christmas and saw the New Year in, in style.

I like to watch on TV as the New Year arrives in the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia and working it’s way West. Having Daughters in New Zealand and Australia and having lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, Berlin, Celle-Hannover, Dusseldorf and now France and originally London it’s very special to watch these familiar landmarks ‘See in’ the New Year.

I hope this year brings us some certainty regarding our futures whether you live here in France or in the UK.

On a sad note, Rodney lost his Mum on 31st December, our love and support go out to you Rodney, be good to have you back here soon.


Looking at our immediate future, we do need a new Treasurer from 1st July, we will not be permitted to continue without one, it is a key post. Please speak to either Peter or myself if you are interested.


Au Relais de l’Oust 1200 for 1230hrs

This month we will have a game of BINGO

The raffle this month will feature a very special American fruit cake…all the way from….The USA! Thank you for the donation Kate and Rodney.


Lanterne Rouge - Pontivy 1200hrs

Celebrate this wonderful day with us. I have booked 30 places, please register with me if you and your valentine would like to join Pamela and her Valentine!

TROC AND PUCES - SUNDAY 7th April 2019

This is our main fundraising effort of the year and we really would appreciate your help and support.

Our Secretary, Kevin Ball is running the show this year and we need volunteers to help with the numerous task. Please register your interest with Kevin.

Carol and Dave Allen will be looking after the catering side of the Troc, If you would like to donate a cake please let Carol or Dave know. Please also show the ingredients in your cake, especially if it contains NUTS.

Have you got an emergency cold weather kit in your car? Mobile phone, shovel, snow chains, torch, blankets, flask of soup, warm waterproof clothing, hat, scarf, gloves, wellies ????

That's all from me my friends, please keep warm and safe and beware of icy roads, if in doubt….don’t travel.


David Bashford


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