Sannerville Normandy


Sannerville Normandy

This ceremony was on the 18th July to commemorate the liberation of the village with the help of Guards Armoured Brigade in Sannerville Normandy. The Guards Household Division Brigade Major Lt Col Simon Soskin ( Grenadier Guards) attended with 2 Coldstream Guards from HQ. 4 members from our branch were with us.

Sannerville 2

Three Grenadiers help out with carrying Standards and Union Flag at Goodwood Memorial Sannerville.


Major Tony Brady was the only veteran at the ceremony on the 18th July.  Sadly Tony died on the 8th September in his sleep.  He was in the Irish Guards during the 2nd World War and served in the Guards Armoured Brigade. He was in fine spirits with us all and laid wreaths and opened a new road called Rue des British Guards in the village of Cagny in Normandy which was heavily bombed by the Allies in July 1944 and was liberated by the Guards on the 18th July 1944. We owe so much to so many soldiers of the British and Commonwealth forces. 

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