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"Lest we forget"….

  The Annual Service Of Remembrance is a unique expression of national homage devoted to those who had given their lives in war. It was originally conceived as a commemoration of the war dead of the First World War but after the Second World War, the ceremony was extended to focus on both world wars and subsequent conflicts.

However, there are people who decry this annual ceremony, saying it is better to forget and that such ceremonies merely seek to glorify war.  They regard old soldiers

with their medals and wreaths and the silence as an anachronism in a world fearful of the nuclear threat. Such people are ignorant of our purpose in keeping alive memories of those who made the Supreme Sacrifice. That purpose whilst serving the present, is to point a finger at the past and a warning to the future, for if experience of the past cannot be learned and remembered, then assuredly, the outlook for the world is bleak indeed. There is nothing hostile in remembrance, its significance is as great for ex-foes for as ourselves.

The following words which seem to get to the crux of the matter, were added to a school Memorial after the Second World War.

                " Read through our names, and think of us now dead,

                   Who stood here once like you and also read,

                   The names of men in another war

                   Died as we died. And see there be no more".

Perhaps if Remembrance Day and all it stands for is appreciated in this true sense, the most confused of us will appreciate its true value.
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