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Membership Renewal - Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is the Royal British Legion introducing new methods of renewal?

To improve our relationship with our members and to modernise our systems. Our old database was obsolete, which represented an unacceptable risk from both an operational and security perspective for the Legion. By updating our systems, we will be able to support the Legion through the 21st Century.

The new system will bring longer-term savings and benefits. We will be able to streamline our existing processes, and have increased new payment options for our members. Meanwhile, bringing all of our members’ details into a single, updated database will allow us to improve communications.

What payment options are available?

Members can pay by:

  • PayPoint (UK only)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Personal cheque
  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Continuous card payment
  • Cash at branch

Can I still pay by cash?

Of course. Whether you’re a new or existing member, in the UK ROI or overseas, you can visit your local branch and pay by cash. You will just need to take along the cheque remittance slip you’ll receive on your renewal letter.

Renewing UK members can also use a PayPoint outlet to pay the membership fee. You’ll need to take your membership renewal letter with you. Staff will be able to help, and will give you a receipt. There should be no charge for this service.

There are 28,000 PayPoint outlets in the United Kingdom, and 95% of the population live within one mile of this method of payment. You can find your nearest outlet by looking out for the PayPoint logo on convenience stores in the area, or by visiting

I’ve had a letter from Novacroft saying they’re taking my payments not the Legion – who are they?

Novacroft Ltd is a specialist supplier engaged to process data and payments on our behalf. Like many organisations, we don’t have the capability to handle this service in-house, so appointing a third party supplier like Novacroft is perfectly normal. We (and Novacroft) comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we take these obligations very seriously. In this case, Novacroft Ltd has acted on our behalf and we were legally entitled to send your data to them.

Will my personal information remain private?

Absolutely. Novacroft will never use your data to contact a member on their own behalf or by any other third party, but only when working for The Royal British Legion under our guidance. You can read more about our privacy policy on our website at

Why has the Legion invested in this?

We believe it’s important to invest in future-proof technology– it helps us comply with the latest legal legislation and open up the Legion to a whole new group of potential members. However, if we had tried to provide this specialist service in-house it would have cost much more than outsourcing it to an experienced and knowledgeable third party provider.  

As with all external suppliers we held a competitive tender process and negotiated a competitive contract for this piece of work. The cost of this service will be reflected in the movement on the General Reserve published in our annual report, which you will be able to read online here

When will I get my renewal letter so I can pay for membership?

We’ll be sending you a membership renewal letter before October, and your existing membership card will continue to be valid until you receive your new one.

Where’s my new membership card?

In the past we sent out new membership cards, and then requested payment. Now, you will receive your new membership card once we have received your payment. Your card should arrive between October and December, depending on when we receive your renewal payment, but you can continue to use your existing membership card until you receive it.

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

Your membership is important to the Legion and we hope that you will continue to be a member and support the Legion. If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit, you will need to contact your bank.

You can always pay for membership by any of the other methods mentioned above. Please speak to a member of the Legion if you would like to do this.

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