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Welcome to the Bergen-Hohne Branch of The Royal British Legion


   Forecast of Events 

Sat.29.Feb.  Games Night v Freemasons 19:30

Sun.01.Mar.  Bingo 14:30

Fri.06.Mar.  Open evening-all welcome!20:00

Sat.07.Mar.  District Meeting

Fri.20.Mar.  Open evening-all welcome!20:00

Sat.28.Mar.  Live music 20:00

Sun.29.Mar.  Bingo 14:30

Fri.03.Apr.  Open evening-all welcome! 20:00

Tue.14.Apr.  Committee meeting 19:30

Fri.17.Apr.  Branch meeting 20:00

Sun.19.Apr.  Belsen Liberation 10:00

Sun.26.Apr  Bingo 14:30

Wer.29.Apr.  Liberation Sandbostel 16:00

Sat:02:May.  Live music 20:00

Mon.04.May.  Dutch Liberation 19:00 Belsen

Fri.15.May.  Open evening-all welcome! 20:00

Sun.31.May.  Bingo 14:30

Fri.05.Jun.  Open evening-all welcome! 20:00

Sat.06.Jun. District meeting

Fri.19.Jun.  Open evening-all welcome! 20:00

Sat.27.Jun. Tag der Reservisten Celle from 10:00

Sun.28.Jun.  Bingo 14:30


Dates for your diary: 26.August Fun run,08. November Remembrance Sunday Becklingen, Sat.21. November Remembrance Dinner



Anyone may pop along on a Friday night, or indeed to any other event; you don’t need to be a Member! The Bar is open, pool table and darts are available, and you might even enjoy a bit of Karaoke! 

There may well be additional events happening, check out our Facebook page for details:

 Royal British Legion Bergen-Hohne Branch










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