Branch information

Welcome to the Bergen-Hohne Branch of The Royal British Legion

Our branch officers are:

Branch Officers
President Tony Blanks
Chairman Keith Orton
Vice Chairman Debz Astbury
Secretary Simone Jeffs
Treasurer Jan Günther
Welfare Representative Keith Orton

Standard Bearer

Deputy Standard Bearer

Sylvia Morgan

Richard Naylor

Poppy Appeal Coordinator Tony Blanks


The Bergen-Hohne Branch is generally open every 1st and 3rd Friday in the month from 8.00pm until midnight. Committee Meetings are held as necessary with Branch Meetings being held two weeks later, commencing at 8.00pm.

The local Bergen-Hohne Branch can be found in Shed 'E', Von Steuben Strasse, 29303 Bergen, Germany, we are located right next door to the Military Museum . We can be contacted via EMail for Welfare matters through or telephone:0171 270 3120.

Membership enquiries  and General Matters through

 The Branch premises are closed until further notice, however Welfare work continues. If assistance is required please contact Keith Orton 0171 270 3120.


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