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Welcome to the Antwerp Branch of The Royal British Legion

A word from your Branch President

First and foremost let me wish you all a happy and more  importantly  a healthy 2016.

In 2015 we lost more of our WW II veterans  and there are now only a handful of them left.    All these fine people were dedicated members of our Branch and though they are sadly missed, we remember them with very fond memories.

Our very existence as an organization is to help those who have served us and the very fitting new logo of The Legion “LIVE ON;  TO THE MEMORY OF THE FALLEN AND THE FUTURE OF THE LIVING”,     is apt and to the point.   

The work The Legion does is two-fold: firstly,  helping ex-service personnel return to some kind of normality, many now as then with life changing Injuries and secondly,  remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The  Antwerp branch has  an enthousiastic  team of seven Standard Bearers led by the Vice- Chairman thus ensuring a much appreciated  presence at multiple events  throughout the year.  

The Poppy Appeal has attracted some younger people which is very gratifying and in November again we were out there on the Meir for our annual Poppy sale.   The Branch was able to make a donation of  € 10.000 to the UK Poppy Appeal in 2015 – no mean feat.

Welfare : a dedicated team of visitors is being put together  with an aim to regularly visit widows and widowers as well as members in hospital and all those in need.  Many welcome the support.  Anyone who’d like to give of their time, don’t be shy, call the new Help Line for information.    Details in the newsletter.

The newsletter will continue to keep members up-to-date with committee and branch activities.  Members are reminded that any input or suggestions is more than welcome.  Also, receiving the newsletter online helps to reduce distribution costs.   If you have internet access please let the Newsletter Editor know.

The ever popular lunches are a good occasion for members to meet.   Please continue to support these excellent branch social functions.

And last but not least, let me say again that our membership is made up of people sympathetic  to our aims as well as ex-service men and women of all ranks and nationalities.   


Best wishes,

Bob Chambers



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