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Chairman's Forward - Awards

As a Branch we are very proud of the achievements and the progress made by the Branch over a relatively short period.  As Chairman I would just like to thank my Committee and indeed all of the Branch Members that have worked tirelessly to improve the Branch and our standing within the District.   As we move closer to the end of this year, I would like to reflect on the Awards Presented to the Branch at both National and District level.  It's immensely pleasing to be recognised for the hard work of the Committee and Branch Members. 

2021 Awards

As The Royal British Legion (TRBL) celebrates its 100th Anniversary the Alicante Branch once again celebrates collecting two Awards at TRBL National Conference which was held on 15/May/2021.

The National Vice Chairman Joe Falzon OSJ BEM announced that the Alicante Branch were the winners of the prestigious Haig Cup, the Haig Cup is awarded for Efficiency and Progress (Large Branch).

Joe Falzon then continued with the remaining announcements for the Cups and Shields, and for a second year in succession the Alicante Branch were announced as the winners of the McCrea Shield which is awarded to one of the 87 Overseas Branches for Efficiency and Progress.

2020 Awards

The Branch is pleased to announce that for the second year in succession the Alicante Branch has received the following District Awards:
The Chairman's Bugle
The Recruitment Kukri
In addition to these two awards Jack and Mary Kemp were also presented with the District Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation

The Chairman's Bugle

The Chairman's Bugle is the top District award, presented annually to the Branch that has made the greatest advances in furthering the aims and objectives of the Legion. Presented February 2021.
The Recruitment Kukri
The Recruitment Kukri is presented to the Branch that has achieved the best Membership percentage increase across District North Spain within the twelve months preceding the conference. Presented February 2021.

District Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation

 Jack Kemp, our Chairman and Mary Lou Kemp, our Branch Community Support Member and District Caseworker was nominated and received the District Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation, well done Mary and Jack for all you have done for the District, the Branch and the wider Legion, your commitment to BCS and Caseworking has been outstanding. Presented January 2021.

2019 Awards

The McCrae Shield (National Award)


The McCrae Shield which is awarded to one of the 87 Overseas Branches that during the year has demonstrated and achieved the most progress and has also increased its Branch membership, and is of a high standard of efficiency as determined by The Royal British Legion Membership TRBL Council.  Presented in September 2020.

 District Chairman's Bugle (District award)

The District Chairman’s Bugle is the top District award presented by the District Chairman annually to the Branch that has made the greatest advances in furthering the aims and objectives of the Legion.  Presented in January 2020.

 Recruiting Kukri (District Award)

The Recruitment Kukri is presented by the District Chairman annually to the Branch that has the best Membership percentage increase across District within the last twelve months.  Presented in January 2020.

Covid 19 Community Response Awards (National


Several Branch members saw fit to nominate our Chairman, Jack Kemp in the Individual Impact Award category. This category was the most contested throughout all the categories with some 80 people being nominated. It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that Jack was selected as runner-up at a live video awards ceremony. I am sure that all members will join me in congratulating Jack on this well deserved award. Awarded September 2020. 

The Fallen Hero Award (Branch Award) 

The Fallen Hero Award awarded at branch level. This is awarded to the Branch Member that has recruited the most Members since the last AGM, a huge well done to Barry and Judith Thurston for recruiting 10 Members within this period. Awarded October 2020.

The Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation (Branch Award)


The Chairman’s Certificate of Appreciation for the outstanding fundraising for the Poppy Appeal during the Covid 19 Pandemic, well done Mary Kemp, Wendi Longman and Margaret Palmer. Awarded October 2020.






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